legend of Hagolomo
Hakuryo is a fisherman. He finds a beautiful cloth hanging on a pine tree by the sea. When he tries to take away the cloth, someone stops him.
Angel says [It's my heavenly cloth(=Hagolomo). Please return. I can't go back to heaven without it.]
Hakuryo knows it's a treasure in heaven, and he hesitates giving up the treasure. Angel is in great trouble.
Hakuryo says [If you show heavenly dance, I will return the cloth.]
Angel says [I accept. but, I have to wear the cloth to show heavenly dance.]
Hakuryo doubts... Even if I return the cloth, angel may break the promise.
Angel says [Only humans lie. Angel don't lie.]
Hakuryo is ashamed of his suspicion. And he returns the cloth to angel.
Angel wears the cloth, and shows heavenly dance, and then flies away to Mt. Fuji. Hakuryo gazes at it.
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