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revision in 2008.01.03.

* If you want to get a tattoo in HORICHIN, Please understand the contents of this site.
And know HORICHIN's "degree of the ability" and a "style" fully.

# This site was translated by the "application software".
Therefore, sentences may contain some errors.

# If you come, You must prepare for one of followings.
1. Translator
2. Someone who can understand Japanese language.
3. Ability that can understand Japanese language comparatively.
(Because, I can read and write English a little. But, I can't hear and speak English.)

* If you apply to one of followings, You can't take tattooing.
..... Under 20 years old
..... The person who have the disease which treatment by the doctor should be necessary.
(infections / liver disease / heart disease / diabetes / skin disease / others)
..... The person who doesn't have the resolution of shouldering a tattoo in the lifetime.

* Utensils pass through the following operations.
[Disinfection by the medicine]
[Washing by the manual operation]
[Washing by the ultrasonic cleaner]
[Sterilization by the Autoclave]

* Utensils that is possible to abandon are disposable.

# If you have a worry that you feel uneasy about the skin/body, Consult a doctor in advance.
# Inappropriate physical conditions may be unsuitable for a tattoo.

Consultation for tattooing
* A charge doesn't occur toward the consultation. (Though, the reservation is necessary.)

* You can chose from the following.
..... Both consultation and tattooing are made in one day.
..... Consultation and tattooing are divided in another day.

"Bring design" "remake/cover-up"
* HORICHIN handles only original designs by HORICHIN. The following can't be brought into HORICHIN.
[Design by Someone]
[Design by yourself]
[The clipping of the magazine]
[Some materials]

* About the "remake/cover-up" (tattoos that are made by other tattooist), Please consult by the conditions.

Precaution for tattooing
[The previous day]
* Make physical condition good.
Don't take the tattooing in "Want of sleep" "Hangover" "Condition defect".
* Do "shaving body hair" about the place that the tattooing will be done.
(Do it carefully. If a hand isn't reached, it doesn't need to shave it.)

[The appointed day]
* Do "showering" before coming.
* Put on clothes which move easily and it doesn't care about dirt by inks.
Have a meal just before coming.
(If the tattooing lasts a long time, Bring foods.)

# The day takes time variously. You must be determined to spend "all day long".


* Prepare in home in advance.
..... The lap-film (to keep food).
..... The paper that is roll-shaped (to use in the kitchen). (If this is in home, convenience.)

* My studio is a "reservation system".
A reservation is as convenient as to be early. But, it must be accurate.

* When it only consultations, you must reserve for it, too.

* If you reserve, You must prepare for one of followings at the moment.
1. Translator
2. Someone who can understand Japanese language.
3. Ability that can understand Japanese language comparatively.

* It must be able to tell to me about the reservation with the telephone in Japanese language.
Establishment which it isn't informed of telephone number can't be taken.

* When you change or cancel a reservation, Inform it surely.

# If you break a reservation without notice, a reservation won't be taken again.

* Cancellation charge
..... If you change or cancel a reservation within 12 hours from the appointed time, 10000 yen occurs as a "cancellation charge".
# By the strict reservation system, treat only one guest on one day.
Preparation for tattooing has begun since the night on the previous day at the latest.
For excellent and safe tattooing, suitable time should be necessary.
# When it doubts whether tattooing on the reservation day is possible by the various circumstances, Judge not on the appointed day but at night on the previous day.

* Individual information is protected by the responsibility.

* Photographs of tattoos are taken. HORICHIN has the copyright of the photographs.
The photographs are used with the responsibility. Please understand and permit these things.

* When you come to my studio, You must not expose tattoos. When you go out from here, too.

# About other unclear things, ask by e-mail.

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