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Tattoo Works
Photographs of tattoo works by HORICHIN

Tattoos 38 Kalajisi/peony, Bonji, Noh-men
Tattoos 37 Tiger
Tattoos 36 Noh-men, Mermaid/Neptune/octopus
Tattoos 35 Carp/chrysanthemum, Kanji, Bonji
Tattoos 34 Dragon, Noh-men/hydrangea, Bonji, Bonji/Kanji
Tattoos 33 God in Buddhism, Kanji/chrysanthemum
Tattoos 32 Noh-men/cherry blossom, Bonji
Tattoos 31 Dragon, Goldfish/Bonji, Bonji/fether, Bonji
Tattoos 30 Dragon/tiger, Family crest, Bonji
Tattoos 29 The seven gods of good fortune, Tiger, Carp
Tattoos 28 Kintalou/carp, Oniwakamalu/carp, Dragon/tiger
Tattoos 27 Noh-men, Noh-men, Goldfish/Bonji, Dragon, Tiger
Tattoos 26 Dragon, Noh-men/flame, Butterfly/chrysanthemum, Pattern(clover), lei(Plumeria)
Tattoos 25 Kilin, Rose, Bonji, Snake/peony
Tattoos 24 Kalajisi/peony, Bonji, Carp/cherry blossom, Noh-men/cherry blossom
Tattoos 23 Snake/herbaceous peony, Snake/rose, Bonji, Bonji/plum blossom, Kalajisi/peony
Tattoos 22 Daluma/frog/lotus/mallet of luck, Houou, God in Buddhism
Tattoos 21 Noh-men/peony, Lotus/Bonji, Tiger, Snake
Tattoos 20 Kintalou/carp, Goldfish, Snake/peony
Tattoos 19 Houou, Pattern/Bonji, Bonji
Tattoos 18 Noh-men/cherry blossom, Kintalou/carp, Carp/maple, Dragon/cherry blossom
Tattoos 17 God in Buddhism, Pattern, Noh-men/peony
Tattoos 16 Dragon/snake, Bonji, Letter/cherry blossom, Kanji/rose
Tattoos 15 Dragon, Carp
Tattoos 14 Houou, Tengu/Noh-men
Tattoos 13 Dragon/chrysanthemum, Snake, Carp
Tattoos 12 Hagolomo, Houou
Tattoos 11 Tiger/bamboo, Butterfly, Bonji, Skeleton of Samulai
Tattoos 10 Tiger/bamboo, Pattern, Bonji, Kalajisi/peony
Tattoos 09 Pattern, God in Buddhism, Carp
Tattoos 08 God in Buddhism/dragon, Pattern, Bonji/pattern, Pattern modeled Houou, Scorpion, God in Buddhism, Houou/peony
Tattoos 07 Rose, Pattern/Bonji, Bar code, Dragon, Bonji, Letter, Pattern
Tattoos 06 Pattern modeled dragon, Noh-men/peony, Noh-men/peony, Snake
Tattoos 05 Pattern/letter, Dragon/cherry blossom, Butterfly/rose, Butterfly, Pattern modeled Houou/letter
Tattoos 04 God in Buddhism, Butterfly, Butterfly/letter, Scorpion, Dragon, Pattern, Letter
Tattoos 03 Ogre, Dragon, Noh-men/death head/chrysanthemum, Butterfly/cherry blossom, Butterfly/letter, Star
Tattoos 02 Butterfly/Kanji, Scorpion/Bonji, Peony, Lotus, Noh-men, Noh-men/cherry blossom, Bonji
Tattoos 01 Pattern, Butterfly, Noh-men, Portrait

*Commentary about the term.
(#The seven gods of good fortune : The gods and goddess of various countries and religions was gathered. It keeps having faith since the old days in Japan.)
(#Oniwakamalu : Childhood of Japanese famous Samulai. He destroyed monster of carp in pond.)
(#Kilin : Fantastical sacred animal. The looks resemble a giraffe. When a saint does "benevolent politics", Kilin will appear.)
(#Daluma : Priest of Buddhism. Long ago, He transmitted Buddhism from India to China. He kept sitting down toward the wall for nine years, and he got comprehension.)
(#Kintalou : The wild child of the legend in Japan.)
(#Tengu : God of the mountain in Japan. It has the characteristics that the nose is very high, and the face is red, and can fly in the sky.)
(#Hagolomo : The woman who lives in the Heaven and put on the clothes of the wing which can fly in the sky.)
(#Samulai : The soldier who was active in medieval Japan.)
(#Kalajisi : Fantastical sacred animal modeled lion. This has meaning as "charm against evil".)
(#Houou : Fantastical sacred bird symbolized "happiness".)
(#Bonji : The character that is Indian origin. It is being used in the Buddhism in Japan.)
(#Kanji : The character that is Chinese origin. It is being used generally in Japan.)
(#Noh-men : The mask used on classical dramas in Japan.)

*All designs appeared on this web site were devised and drawn by HORICHIN.

*These pictures appear only for the purpose of "Personal viewing" and "Evaluation toward HORICHIN".
Prohibit plagiarism, reproduction. Don't use this without permission.
Only personal viewing is forgiven. Piracy is a blasphemy toward the author.

# To everyone appeared on this web site, I appreciate it very much.

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